The first of many

Nata Pura was honoured with a 2 star rating, awarded by the Great Taste Awards. This award has been dubbed the 'Epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize' and so, naturally we are brimming with pride. From March to July of 2015, 400 judges got together across 49 events to sample and evaluate over 10 thousand competing products. Of these only 31% got accredited with any stars; 2382 were awarded 1 star, 597 awarded 2 stars and only 130 food got the much coveted 3 stars. Each competing food starts with a full score of 25 points that are shaved off as flaws in the product are perceived.

"The feedback we got suggests we narrowly missed the third star. The judges referenced not only the "great balance and depth of flavour" but also noted how to push the product a little further for the perfect taste. We can definitely say we are on the case. Two stars is an incredible achievement, a recognition of the great product in our hands and an amazing honour... But ultimately, it's the drive we need to challenge ourselves for that third star, and to put out our new, flavoured natas to the test, so that they too may win the 3 stars" Mabilio de Albuquerque (CEO).

Here is what the judges had to say:
"The pastry is crisp and easy to cut. Filling is creamy, buttery on the nose and on the palate. Light, delicate tartlets. Great balance and depth of flavour. We really enjoyed these. Table 6: The look is very authentic. Fabulous, crisp layered tasty pastry. Great balance of caramelising, crispness and sweet egg custard. Perhaps should be more caramelised to gain a 3 star for taste but this possibly would not appeal to the average customer."