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The Nata Pura

nata pura

From Porto, Portugal

NATA PURA is the brand of excellence that is set out to promote and distribute the culinary treasure that is the "NATA".

Mixed Berries, Chocolate, Passion fruit and Green Tea,
complement the classic flavour of the original Nata

the Product

offers a variety of flavours without compromising its quality and excellence.

The Brand

A global brand for a treasured pastry.

Nata Pura features a premium brand. Partnering with us guarantees not only a gourmet product but also a careful, tailored communication strategy.

Nata Pura endeavours to provide a safe and acessible product, and, to that effect, features the main food and safety certifications needed to ensure our partners confidence.

The Certifications

In NATA PURA food safety always come first.


The Pastel de Nata has been around for over 300 years. It escaped its humble beginnings to become Portugal's most beloved and ubiquitous pastry, and slowly its popularity is spreading around the world. However, we are committed to providing the world market with the absolute best version of the Nata. Our commitment to quality entails the highest quality ingredients, the best transport logistic and the utmost respect for all the tradition that this very special pastry carries.

As a native Portuguese, a country with more than 800 years of history, I am constantly exposed to the weight of history and culture. And I always felt it more intensely in our gastronomy. Particularly the Nata. Such a storied pastry deserves a bigger stage. The Nata had its origin in the 18th century, deep in the cellars and kitchens of the Jeronimos monastery. The monks would use the egg whites to dye their habits and the surplus yolks would be used to make sweets and pastries to help finance the monastery. In the years since then, Natas has been exported to wherever the Portuguese have wondered to. The British know the Nata as Portuguese Custard Tart, and these are readily available throughout the United Kingdom, but it's not quite the same; Particularly in England, these Portuguese custard tarts have a multitude of variations. Some have a dough based, more biscuity base. Others the custard is more or less runny, or more or less sweet. The permutations are almost endless. In Asia, through the Portuguese gateways of Macau, Malaca and Formosa, the Nata evolved into the egg tart, a more savoury, less creamy version. In France, Belgium and Switzerland the Nata remained essentially the same due to the vigilance of the large Portuguese community present in those countries. But the Natas I came across out in the world fluctuate heavily in terms of quality, and that inconsistency prevents it from the recognition it deserves. I believe the Nata owes nothing to the most widespread pastries like the doughnut, the muffin or the croissant. It's so fundamentally unique it needs a wider stage. By providing a consistent, high-end gourmet Nata, with an efficient transport, I believe the Nata will shine on its merits and become a staple of the industry. This is the reason I founded Nata Pura, and every decision and step we take is informed by the vision of our Natas, readily available, enjoyed as they should be, taking the centre stage.

Mabilio de Albuquerque, CEO & Founder, Nata Pura

NATA PURA offers particular characteristic that attest to its quality and excellence.

Unlike most delicacies, it is versatile, ready as a delicious breakfast, dessert or simply as a mid afternoon snack.

- Hand made product using the best available ingredients;
- No added dyes or preservatives;
- Proper and exclusive recipe, developed by professional artisans;
- The same quality, characteristics, taste and unforgettable experience anywhere in the world;

The process of production, packaging and transportation was especially developed to ensure all the top qualities of the product, up till delivery to our consumers.

The Nata is fully baked in our own facilities, and immediately frozen. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for the pastry to be ready to serve the final consumer.

NATA PURA product is completely trans fat free and uses only real cane sugar, no HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).
Fresh milk and free range eggs are used, no processed ingredients, added colorants or preservatives.

Trans fats and HFCS are unhealthy, dangerous and responsible for conditions like:
- Obesity
- High blood pressure
- Diabetes
- Cholesterol

At NATA PURA we feel consumers must be respected, and that´s why we aim for high quality and health standards when it comes to product development.

In order to promote transparent and clear business transactions as well as ensuring the safety of our final consumers, our Natas are made according to the parameters of the following certifications:
- BRC - Grade A
- Halal

The more certification our product features, the safer our clients feel.At Nata Pura we strive to ensure the main certifications the market needs.


Marketing and Communication strategies are becoming increasingly important in today's business environment. Nata Pura believes that the excellence of a product is meaningless if it is condemned to obscurity. As such, a careful and detailed communication strategy has been developed with the purpose of elevating the Nata, particularly Nata Pura, to a standard of the pastry industry.

All our marketing is streamlined to this effect to create branding and infuse Nata Pura with the momentum it needs to spread out and achieve its goals. We created an innovative communication strategy that is twofold and encompassive that we have called DUBE Marketing (Dual Brand Experience).

Our partners are assured our full cooperation and assistance when it comes to promoting Nata Pura's brand, as well as their own. We like to work together by pooling resources, and our carefully constructed brand is a major tool for our partners to increase revenues and promotion.


What is a "nata"?
"NATA" is a traditional Portuguese pastry, in the shape of a small tart, with a light and crusty puff pastry as a base, filled with a traditional cream, more or less caramelized.

What are the product main ingredients?
Puff pastry: flour, water, trans fat free vegetable margarine, salt.
Cream: milk, sugar, flour, egg yolk, lemon zest.

What about recipe and ingredients quality?
NATA PURA product is based in a Portuguese recipe from the XVIII century, and is produced in a facility based in Portugal, accomplishing with all international hazard control licensing and health concerns, including BRC - grade A, IFS and Halal certifications.
No HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is used, only real cane sugar, fresh milk, real eggs, no processed ingredients, added colorants or preservatives.

How is preparation for consumption?
It is a "frozen-to-oven" solution, turning the process very user friendly. It takes about 12 minutes to be ready to be consumed, using a regular oven.

Any special storage conditions needed?
As a frozen product, storage conditions are in the freezer at -18C, in closed package. Once defrosted, product should be prepared and consumed within the next 24 to 48 hours.

What is the product shelf life?
While frozen, it has a 12 months life period. Once defrosted, and to maintain all top characteristics, it should be consumed in a 24 - 48 hours period.

Indie Coffee Shops

  • You can buy as little as a 60 unit box
  • No minimum purchase obligation
  • Fast and responsive delivery
  • No inventory issues
  • No waste, baked as it goes
Coffee Chains

  • Full production capacity
  • Tailored packaging solutions
  • Shelf solution - ready to go
  • Fast and responsive delivery
  • No waste, baked as it goes
Catering Services

  • Full production capacity
  • Fast and responsive delivery
  • High end product presentation
  • Fresh and top quality ingredients
  • No waste, baked as it goes
Department Stores (gourmet)

  • Fresh and top quality ingredients
  • Refined branding
  • Tailored packaging solutions
  • Shelf solution - ready to go
  • Concessions | pop ups
Restaurants | Hotels

  • Product versatility, excelent for:
    Breakfast | Desserts | Snacks
  • No waste, baked as it goes
  • High end product presentation
  • Fresh and top quality ingredients
  • No minimum purchase obligation

  • Full production capacity
  • Fast and responsive delivery
  • Optimized Packaging
  • Shelf solution - ready to go
  • Frozen. Easy to prepare



B2B Nata Pura Video

The nature of our business is a bit complex; to better illustrate our full potential we have developed a video explaining just who we are and what we offer. Key points to retain are the virtues of our product - our respect for its tradition and the way its prepared, and also the importance of delivering a gourmet product associated with a premium brand.


We're off to the land of the Rising Sun for the FOODEX trade show in March.

ISM Koln

This was our third visit to ISM, and we are becoming a familiar face.

Harmony is a beautiful thing

We premiered our cheese nata with the most appropriate company imaginable: Port wine.

Making the News rounds.

Our stint at the SIAL fair in Paris made the news back in Portugal. Here are a couple of videos. It's always exciting to be interviewed, and this time we had a second helping.

SIAL Paris

So much what we do is tied to trade fairs. Meeting new partners, acessing the trends, launching new stuff (more on that later), and most importantly, getting people to taste our natas.

Field trip to Seoul

At Nata Pura, getting the deal signed is an important step. But it's just the first step - cultivating the partnership is something we care deeply about.

Nata Pura now supplies for Harrods

It’s much more than a department store. At times it’s a symbol of opulence, or a political battlefield. But most of all the just the name ‘Harrods’ evokes a preference for finer things, excellent service and quality above all else.

Back to school

We were fortunate enough to indulge in our favourite kind of validation of our success recently.

Interview at Anuga

Our intrepid CEO was was once again interviewed. This time at the Anuga fair by Portugal Foods.

A Second Helping

They say you shouldn't endanger a good first impression. But, really, we can't help ourselves; our first time attending ISM was a big milestone in our development, and we are anxious to find out what the the second time has in store for us.

Black & Yellow is the new black

Leave it to Vogue UK to make a compliment! Nata Pura has been featured this month's edition as part of 'Vogue's Most Wanted' list.

A thousand days of Summer

It has been a busy summer for us at Nata Pura, and it doesn't look like it's going to abate anytime soon!

The first of many

Nata Pura was honoured with a 2 star rating, awarded by the Great Taste Awards. This award has been dubbed the 'Epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize' and so, naturally we are brimming with pride.

What is a Nata?

Picture yourself on a deck of cruise boat lazing down the river Douro, between the stepped hills filled with green vineyards, dotted with old manor houses that double as grape collection centers and rural hotels. A glass of tawny Port is on one hand, and a Nata on the other. The Port you have probably heard about and even tasted; the sweet, fortified dessert wine that originates exclusively in Portugal’s Douro valley. The Nata is just as heady and intoxicating but far less known.

RHS with Raymond Blanc

Chef Raymond Blanc OBE, Michelin star, responsible for such houses as the Brasserie Blanc and Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons has enjoyed and publicly approved our natas.

Company of the Month

Its not every day one is named Food & Drink Matters' Deep Frozen Confectionery Manufacturing Company of the Month... But for us, this is our month!

Why Nata Pura?

As Portuguese natives, we find it challenging to explain why Natas are so good. More often than not we do not need to, as once tasted the Nata speaks for itself. But having lived in a place where the Nata is everywhere and consistently good, it's easy to take it for granted.

lunch! Top 20 Exhibitors

We are happy to say that we are not going unnoticed at food and bakery trade shows, to say the least. The Food & Drink Matters has selected us as one of the top 20 exhibitors of last September's show!

Art in the business world

And they say there is no place for art in the business world…

We recently challenged our busy COO and resident chef extraordinaire Francisco to create some breath-taking deserts based on our natas. He did not disappoint! He effectively showcased the versatility of our nata and proved it’s much more than the delicious pastry we know and love. From the traditional to the avant-garde, the possibilities are endless!

Photo Shoot

Our product inventory took a dive as we had another photoshoot. A small number of our Natas were sacrificed to motivate the photographer. One of the perks of working with us, no doubt.

Lunch! Trade Show 2014

Recently, we were happy to participate in the Lunch! Trade Show in late September. The show held record breaking attendance numbers and we had a great time! Lots of people tasted our Natas and we tasted lots of coconut water.


Contact Info

  • Address: Candal Park,
    Rua 28 de Janeiro, 350 - Fracção WA-02
    4400-335 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • Phone: +351 22 322 82 01
  • Email: info@natapura.biz

International Partners